Posted on June 22, 2010 in: Event is a leader in certified Business Resource Preparation (ERP) software application utilizing open source LIGHT innovation. The business, founded in 1998 and lucrative given that 2001, has numerous certified consumers in a random sample of markets. has 2 ERP items: Easy ERP and Easy ERP is developed for business with 50 users or less that are looking for packaged application modules and a restricted variety of database types. is created for bigger business with more than 20 users; it uses more database, running systems and practical part choices. has priced its items to take on both off-the-shelf, general-purpose databases and ERP management systems. Rates for the Easy ERP accredited software application is around $1,000 per user and $1,000 per module, plus training; this is shown as appropriate to suppliers and consumers. Overall license charges to run from $10,000 to $850,000. ASP rates run as low as $120/month for a business with 2 users and a restricted variety of modules.